Favorite Mishna:

.בן בג בג אומר הפך בה והפך בה. דכולא בה.

Ben Bag Bag said:

“Turn it and turn it for all is in it.”

Mishna Avot 5:22

Born in Long Island, New York, Rabbi Avigayl Young grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. She graduated from University of Maryland and was ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Rabbi Young was raised to value Judaism as a way of life. Her Jewish identity was evident in preschool when she refused to eat a Christmas cookie for fear of turning into a Christian. She attended Camp Ramah in New England and, as a teen, was active in USY.

Rabbi Young agrees with Ben Bag Bag that everything is found in the Torah and in Judaism. One simply needs to look and learn to see it.  She has been a dedicated educator since college when she taught religious school. Rabbi Young’s undergraduate degree is in education and she taught social studies, math, and English. She was then inspired to become a rabbi which means teacher.

Rabbi Young has served as a teacher, congregational rabbi, rabbi-in-residence, and education director. Her focus is on educating individuals at their level and creating life-long learners. As Ben Bag Bag said, one will never learn everything there is to learn about Judaism. One must keep turning it and studying it.

Rabbi Young is committed to teaching the entire family and has created many innovative family education programs including such things as auctioning Jewish values and voting for your favorite prophet. She developed a post B’nai Mitzvah program, a senior elective on Egalitarianism and adult classes in Hebrew, Talmud, holidays, and others.

Rabbi Young believes in reaching out to all Jews. She has helped several non-affiliated Jews celebrate important lifecycle events. She is also sensitive to the needs of inter-married couples and families. She facilitated an interfaith couples support group which discussed issues such as the December Dilemma and celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

In her spare time, Rabbi Young enjoys playing mah jongg and knitting. She also enjoys spending time with friends and playing a variety of games. Rabbi Young is committed to her family and likes spending time with her sister and her four nieces and nephews. She now lives in Houston, Texas.

Contact Rabbi Avigayl Young at rabbiavigayl@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Avigayl, I enjoyed looking at your blog this afternoon. Much remembrance from the days at JDS and Ramah, Joanna Shuman

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